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Whether performing a solo musician or with her band Southern Soul, Krissy Winston brings her unmistakable style and laid-back, party vibe to each show. Hailing from the timeless city of New Orleans, Krissy's tremendous vocal stylings deliver a flavor just as delicious as Nola itself. Catch her live in concert at an upcoming performance.


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"It was my first time @ The Freeman in Deep Ellum Dallas Tx and Krissy Winstons  performance amazed me she sings so beautiful I could feel it in my bones!! I would definitely Love to see her perform again I Loved it!!!"

–Elizabeth Meza



"Kristina Winston has very strong vocals and owns her stage! She is AWESOME! Will definitely go to watch her perform again. It was a great time…people singing and dancing all night."

–Pam Perkins

"Krissy is always on point, always rockin’ the house with her unique vocals, always owning the stage. People react as if they’ve never heard anyone sing before. It's a thrill to watch!”

-David McMahon

“Krissy was definitely the highlight of my night! With the voice of an angel…definitely enjoyed the entire performance.“

–Danielle Manning

"Yesssss krissy is a amazing singer her Rhythm is amazing she has so much spice and soul in her just by her Performance what I love most about her she’s from New Orleans she know how to bring in the Culture and shut the house down and get you in the groove so if you never heard her sing or Perform look her up and check her out she’s outstanding can’t wait to hear her come out with more music 😘😘😘"

–Kanya Ray

“Krissy Winston, a native from one of my favorite places New Orleans and creator of Creole South ... ( Southern Soul). She’s stepped outside the box and took her own lane!! She’s a phenomenal singer, who’s grounded and knows exactly what it takes to command an audience, in any genre!”

–Jarrod Williams

“Krissy ALWAYS brings it! From Old school to new she shuts the house down! one of a kind voice and amazing entertainer. If you havent witnessed it firsthand you are missing out! Change that FAST! 💃❤️”

–Marie Stallworth

“Mrs. Winston is a multi facet artist singing all genres and brings fire energy to any stage. Love seeing her perform and I get such a joy from her smile and warmth on and off stage. Her glow & fire pulls the listener in everytime. Super proud of her and love seeing another female rockstar kill the scene. 🤘🏽”

–Justin Lyons


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